J.P.S. Public School, Morna-Bhopa Road, Morna, Muzaffarnagar-251316

Mandatory Public Disclosure
In sweet memory of Late Mr. Jagdish Prasad Sharma, Our society i.e. “Pd. Jagdish Prasad Memorial Society” started a school dated 8th April 2013 with the name of our proud i.e. J.P.S. Public School. As per his desire of providing quality education to the children of parents who are socially, economically, and educationally backward without any discrimination among children in the locality and for the educational development of the area, our society was truly impressed by his thoughts and socially footprint. To proceed with his thoughts generation by generation, we always are committed especially for poverty-stricken child development because education is the most important key to success in life and for the development of our nation. So we should always try to develop all skills in our students.
Late Smt. Prakashwati Devi
Late Pd. Jagdish Prasad Sharma

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